The Experience

Just the Beginning
The Signature Session is the perfect session type for families, babies, couples, maternity or high school seniors. As a boutique photography studio, we place our focus on providing our families with personalized attention and are dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience along the way. In order to serve our families to the best of our abilities, we only accept a limited number of sessions per month. Your luxury experience begins during your pre-session consultation where we collaborate together in order to design your dream session. We will discuss your vision, style and wardrobe choices for your family, and the types of custom products you would like to display in your home. This is only the beginning of your lavish photographic adventure!!



The Newborn Session is a little different since it is all about your newest little addition!! I absolutely ADORE newborns. Their hands, their toes, their nose, their skin, their smell…I love it all!! Having had three of my own, I know how you are feeling right now. These are some of the most precious times of our lives…and also some of the most exhausting! These itty-bitty beings now fill our hearts beyond our wildest dreams. With each passing day, they will change and grow and the next thing we know they aren’t that little newbie to the world that they were before!  I want to help you document this magical stage before it passes in the blink of an eye. Please contact me during your pregnancy so that I can mark your due date on our calendar. We will stay in touch as your special day approaches, and make adjustments to get you in at the perfect time. Your custom experience begins during your pre-session consultation where we collaborate together in order to design your dream newborn session. We will discuss your vision, favorite poses, items you’d like to incorporate, and the types of custom products you would like to display in your home.

Close Up of awake newborn in father's arms against grey background


Your Session
Next comes your portrait session! Our goal during the session is to tell the unique story of you and your beautiful family! I strive to not only capture a family’s spirit but also the true personalities, styles and attitudes that each member contributes…after all, that is what truly makes our families WHOLE! Your family wouldn’t work the way it does without each special little member! So let’s celebrate each individual…and capture the awesomeness of the ones you love!! You’ll find that my style is very relaxed and casual as I feel my job is to make every session fun, laid back and a celebration of life!

If you have booked a Newborn Session, it is best to photograph your little one within the first ten days of life when they are still super sleepy, curly and easy to pose! Later is ok too…don’t worry, we will make it work! Newborn Sessions are relaxed and unrushed. Sessions typically run 2-3 hours but could go longer depending on the baby. We allow lots of time for feeding, rocking, soothing and anything else that will make your sweet baby feel comfortable. I have a diverse collection of hats, headbands, furs, background and props to help create the perfect image for your home! We will capture mostly posed pictures of your angel, as well as some with Mommy, Daddy and older siblings! Our goal during the session is to celebrate the newest member of your beautiful family!

Maternity Image of family of three sitting in tall grass at sunset at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano Texas.


Your Session Premiere
One of the best parts of your experience is yet to come. About 2-3 weeks after your portrait session, we will meet again in your home (or my studio if you prefer) for your Session Premiere! We will sit back, relax and enjoy a delectable dessert together as I debut your gorgeous custom slideshow with all the awesome moments we captured together. And now for the fun part…selecting your favorite images and choosing your custom wall art pieces. I will be there to step you through the entire process as we design your beautiful artwork and can even walk the halls of your home and decorate together!

Image taken from above of couple laying on green grass while wearing blue sweaters at White Rock Lake in Dallas Texas.


Ready for the Experience?
So, are you ready to be a part of a truly splendid experience unlike any you’ve ever had?!? If so, simply give us a call to schedule your pre-session consultation and I look forward to the opportunity to tell YOUR STORY!!